June 2022 Legal Topics and Trends

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June 2nd, 2022 by Wyatt E. Stephens

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The purpose of this June 2022 Legal Topic Guide reflects a personal opinion from one of our Legal Curators. The topics are backlinked out to other sources in hopes such content could benefit a lawyer or law firm's digital presence.

[June 2022 Topics and Trends]

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June 2022]

[Robb Bell Elementary School]

There are no words, I am still raged.

But with this evil reality, are we looking at cyberbullying, mugshots, and shooter's social media content the right way?

Information indicates that, by virtue of video games and social media, the shooter had rage: personally, it reminded me of Eric and Dylan [Columbine High School] and DOOM, bullying, etc.

These articles below could assist a lawyer in an opinion piece for their blog, mediums, etc. And personally, I believe mugshots (which are everywhere online) provide peers with digital ammo.

Is Cyberbullying the Newest Form of Police Brutality?

via Social Media Legality, Pace University

Parent Charged with Cyberbullying

via West Virginia's WSAZ, October 14th 2021

Daniel Marquez: Mugshot released of Florida boy, 10, who told pal to 'get ready' for mass shooting

via MEAWW, May 30th 2022

Louisiana bill would limit publication of when mugshots can be released to the public

via Louisiana's WWLTV, May 20th 2022

[June is Pride Month]

Showcasing support and awareness could include content campaigns for those within the practice areas of defamation, employment law, and employee rights.

Helpful resources for verbiage:

GLAAD Media Reference Guide, 11th Edition via GLAAD

[Digital Punishment]

ACLU, NAACP sue South Carolina over ban 'scraping' data reports.

via Reuters, March 30th 2022

MacKenzie Scott Provides Generous Gift to Clean Slate Initiative

via Clean Slate Initiative, March 22nd, 2022

[Depp v. Heard]

It was the case heard around the world.

Now could be a good time to discuss, via an opinion blog or other outlets, the impact of defamation and modern social media. This could include in-depth topics on defamation and other civil practice areas.

Helpful resources and articles

Lawyer: Heard was 'demonized' by Depp team, social media

via the Associated Press, June 2nd 2022

May 2022 New Hampshire Supreme Court Ruling: Defamatory Retweets protected by ยง230

via New Hampshire Union Leader, May 11th 2022

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